Post-it® Extreme Notes with Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive stick on rough surfaces in all sorts of tough conditions.

FG Clean Wipes' brand industrial and electronics wipes keep the most demanding workspaces clean and inspection ready.
Vast experience in the specialty wiping industry—backed by nearly 50 years of production—provide the quality, reliability and value you need. Ask for samples!

DISCOUNTED! DouYee SUPERSHIELD® Static Shielding Bags provide superior protection for sensitive electronics devices.

• Faraday cage created to protect sensitive products from electrostatic discharge
• Customizable sizes and thickness upon request
• Customizable printing upon request
• Customizable easy tear upon request
• Printed with ESD awareness logo and date code for traceability
• Bags are RoHS compliant

Convertible Safety Glasses/ Goggles and Tack-Free Cut Resistant Gloves
• Safety glass, foam-lined safety glass and goggle in one
• Adhesives such as glues, caulking and tape do not stick to the coating
Also see Neck Gaiters for protection against outdoor elements.

Procell Professional Batteries
• Two varieties: Intense Power and General-Purpose
• By selecting the right battery to match the power needs of your commercial device, you can make all your batteries last longer*, so you replace them less often.